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"Aileen is an amazing therapist with incredible, insight, intuition and clinical knowledge. As her previous supervisor and now colleague, I think she has a powerful way of containing clients and offering them specific interventions that are both creative and on point. Her knowledge of eating disorders and her specialization in Drama Therapy allows for clients to experience healing from both evidence-based and intuitive based approaches. I highly recommend her as a therapist."

"Aileen is an insightful, professional, playful, knowledgeable therapist. I highly recommend her!"

Sarah Harkness, MA, RDT, LMFT

 “As a Registered Dietitian who specializes in eating disorders, I have had the privilege of working in collaboration with Aileen Cho. Individuals suffering from eating disorders, more often than not, have co-occurring disorders. Aileen’s knowledge in the field of psychotherapy mixed with her empathetic and warm demeanor have helped clients make great strides in their recovery and mental/emotional stability. Aileen is someone I can trust to treat clients appropriately, professionally and with compassion.  I can attest that Aileen’s communication skills are very effective, she is genuine, down-to-earth, and she always puts the well-being of her clients first. I cannot recommend Aileen enough!”

Kacey McCormack, MS, RD, CEDRD

"Aileen is a creative, culturally sensitive, knowledgeable therapist.

She is well-trained in domestic violence, trauma work, and eating disorders."

Michelle Chang, MA, LMFT, RDT

"Aileen is a passionate, energetic therapist with a deep dedication to helping others. She's particularly skilled in working with those overcoming eating disorders, Korean individuals and families, and anyone who wants to grow through creative, active methods. Aileen always brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart -- she's a gem and those who work with her are very lucky."

Jessica Engle, MA, RDT, LMFT

"I almost can't put into words the gratitude I feel from having Aileen as my therapist for over 2 years (from 2018-2020). I was lucky enough to have found a therapist in her who seemed to know what was possible for my therapeutic journey even without my ability to fully articulate what I needed.


Before finding her, I had seen a number of therapists on and off for over 10 years using psychoanalysis, CBT, and EMDR methods. Some were better than others and all had helped me a little bit, but I had hoped for something different as I was still stuck in unhealthy patterns, mindsets, and relationships that felt self-sabotaging toward what I wanted in life. As an Asian-American woman I suspected that identity and cultural dynamics were also at play in the issues with which I struggled.


Aileen's practice of trauma-centered, culturally sustaining drama therapy turned out to be exactly what I needed. I got so much more in the 2+ years that I worked with her than the previous decade combined. I learned that the anxiety and depression I have dealt with for years were symptoms of unprocessed trauma. I wish many more therapists were trained in effectively using talk therapy for dealing with trauma as this was a game changer for me and would benefit many others who have struggled long-term.


Aileen's style is very warm and empathetic. She never dismissed my experiences and I always felt like she was invested in me and thoroughly championed my recovery. She clearly cares deeply about her work and making a difference in her patients' lives. Additionally, she is attentive and responsive. She has a knack of explaining therapeutic concepts in ways that I could understand and then supported me in applying these in my interactions with others. It really felt like a partnership, not just a client-therapist relationship.


While choosing a therapist is a personal decision, I would highly recommend Aileen to anyone, especially those who have tried therapy before but have felt like those experiences never really got to the root of the issues. I can honestly say that my work with her has been transformative and I now carry a set of more effective tools and practices that help me navigate through life more smoothly and confidently. Because of my work with Aileen, I have so much more satisfaction and joy in my life in ways I didn't think possible but had wanted and hope that others will get the chance to do the same."

Unsolicited Testimonial from J.H. (San Francisco, CA)

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