Other Helpful Local Resources

Emergency Resources

If you need immediate help, please reach out to one of the following resources.

National Suicide Prevention/Crisis Line

(800)-273-TALK  (1-800-273-8255)

San Francisco Suicide Prevention

(415) 781-0500

Center for Elderly Suicide Prevention

(415) 752-3778

San Francisco General Hospital Psychiatric Emergency Services

(415) 206-8125

Child Crisis Services

(415) 970-3800

Westside Crisis Clinic

(415) 355-0311 ext. 5

Non-Emergency Resources

San Francisco Peer Run Warm Line

(855) 845-7415

Peer counseling providing emotional support and information about mental health resources.

Friendship Line (Institute on Aging)

(800) 971-0016

The Friendship Line at Institute on Aging is the nation’s only 24-hour toll-free hotline for older and disabled adults. Trained staff and volunteers make and receive calls to and from individuals who are either in crisis or just in need of a friend.

Mental Health Association of San Francisco

(415) 421-2926

Contact for information about mental health and various mental disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder, clinical anxiety, schizophrenia, and more. They also provide information and referrals for mental health treatment and other community resources. 

San Francisco County Behavioral Health ACCESS

(415) 255-3737
(888) 246-333

ACCESS is the first point of contact for individuals enrolled in Medicaid, Medi-Cal, Healthy San Francisco, and other state healthcare programs. ACCESS can also assist individuals in enrolling for healthcare and finding mental health services.


(415) 808-HELP

Provides information and referrals for mental health services and information for self-help groups in Bay Area. English, Spanish, and Chinese operators available.

San Francisco Psychological Association

(415) 681-3063

Information and referrals for mental health services. Multi-lingual.

Northern California Psychiatric Society

(415) 334-2418

Information about mental health practice specialties. Referrals to mental health practitioners.

Community Health Network of San Francisco

(415) 206-5166

Patient advocate visitor’s center.

Self-Help / Support Groups 

Mental Health Association of San Francisco
Phone: Office (415)-421-2926, Warm Line (855)-845-7415

Offers a variety of self-help peer support groups, including a suicide survivors’ group and several groups for people with compulsive hoarding and cluttering issues, as well as a peer-run warm line for telephone support and referrals from people with lived experience of mental health challenges.

Depression & Bipolar Alliance of San Francisco
Phone: (415)-995-4792

Support groups for people who identify as having lived experience of depression, bipolar disorder, or other related mood disorders, as well as a separate support group for family and loved ones.

Haight Street Referral Center – Larkin Street Youth Services
Phone: (415)-522-1377

For youth ages 24 and under. Available services include drop-in intake services with a case manager, medical and mental health care referrals, peer support groups, individual and group counseling, hygiene supplies and meals.

La Raza Community Resource Center
Phone: (415)-863-0764

Open to low-income and primarily immigrant families in the Mission district, services include a food pantry, individual and family support groups, mental and physical health care services, clothing exchange programs and education programs to facilitate families’ adjustment to urban living in San Francisco; all services are available in Spanish.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) San Francisco
Offers a variety of services, including peer-to-peer education groups and classes, various support groups for people with lived experience of mental health challenges, family support groups and education programs, as well as a Talk Line and a listing of support groups facilitated by other organizations.

Oasis Community Center – Office of Self-Help

Phone: (415)-575-1400

Provides numerous peer support services including drop-in peer counseling, a peer-run Warm Line, acupuncture, a psychiatric nurse practitioner on–site, various support and activity groups, as well as limited shuttle service for loved ones visiting families members in out-of-town mental health facilities.

Peers Envisioning and Engaging in Recovery Services (PEERS)
Phone: (510)-832-7337

Specializes in community trainings ad wellness services centered in the values of hope, self-determination, self-empowerment, cultural responsiveness, and personal responsibility; offers regular WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) group meetings for people to take charge of and plan for their continued mental health wellness.

Sixth Street Self-Help Center

Phone: (415)-369-3040
Provides a variety of resources including peer counseling, access to telephones and restrooms, emergency supplies, an Employment Resource Center, skill-building workshops and self-care groups, medical triage, and case management.

Sutter Drop-in Center – Larkin Street Youth Services

Phone: (800)-669-6196 or (415)-673-0911 ext. 5
Open to people ages 20 and under. A point of entry to more extensive homeless youth services, the Drop-In Center provides both immediate material support – meals, a social area to connect with peers, showers – as well as guidance into other resources such as medical intakes, peer groups, short-term counseling, and more.

UCSF Alliance Health Project

Phone: (415)-476-3902
In addition to offering HIV testing and prevention services, psychotherapy and counseling intakes, and health and wellness classes, Alliance Health Project hosts a variety of both drop-in and registration-only support and therapy groups for LGBTQI people both HIV positive and negative.

The Women’s Building Community Resource Room

Phone: (415)-431-1180 ext. 11
Offers a wide variety of free and low-cost services in both English and Spanish, including a free drop-in computer lap and copy/print services, food pantry, yoga classes, tax preparation and legal assistance, public benefits screenings, and referrals to mental and other health programs; see website or call for information on specific program times.


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